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Captain America: Civil War Review

I went to see the new marvel movie in the IMAX cinema in Waterloo in 3D, basically the biggest screen in Europe. That alone was a super experience guaranteed!


I was blown away by the movie, I’ve always been a huge fan of marvel and the movies combine a great amount of action and comedy. At first I was skeptical of Captain America and Iron Man having to fight eachother as I like both of them (especially Iron Man as he is more funny) because I didn’t want to see them fighting when they should be allies. The story and the sequence was well paced and interesting and from the beginning I was drawn in. Of course the action sequences were amazing! Especially the fighting between Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider Man, Jarvis VS Captain America, Hawkeye, Ant Man, and Wanda. It was one of the most awaited fights I could have thought up! I won’t reveal much of the story but the ending was really something I wasn’t expecting, I’m sure some people already knew from the comics probably but for me the ending was possibly the best part of the movie and I would watch this movie again and again. I’m not sure if 3D is worth it for the movie in particular but the action seems more up close which is a bonus.

I would recommend seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier before watching this movie, I didn’t watch the prequel and there were a lot of references to it that i would have noticed otherwise.

This movie is one of the best movies out so far this year and you should definitely go and see it. Marvel never dissapoints!

Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art Exhibition Review


This exhibition is running at the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square until tomorrow (22nd May) which explores the impact that Eugene Delacroix had on fellow artists and the up and coming artists after his death. I always like to go to see museums and art exhibitions because it’s all about learning new things and discovering a part of history and I enjoy that experience. I received some free tickets (worth £20 each) and I don’t think I would have paid to go and see the exhibition or at leasg wouldnt have paid mord than £12, as I’ve said before I love doing free things to save money!

The exhibition was a lot bigger than I expected, it was comprised of 6 rooms with about 10 or so paintings in each room, some with more, some with less, and there was also a cinema showing an explanatory video of the collection and the life of Delacroix. I had briefly heard of this artist before in other exhibitions but I went in basically knowing nothing of who he was. Considering he was such an influence to other artists such as Renoir, Matisse, Van Gogh, and many more I was suprised that I didn’t know already. He was essentially the first to really begin experimenting with more creative and unusual painting techniques and colours, and for most of his life he was completely disregarded and shamed for his paintings. Most of the paintings that I saw in the exhibition were so beautiful, some were very unusual and there were a few that were too abstract or foggy for my personal taste. But for the majority of the paintings that I saw I found it strange for them to be treated by the community at the time with such negativity. Delacroix was clearly a true great, and many of the artists that followed him used his styles for their inspirations. I remember a quote said “there is an element of Delacroix in all of us” and many revered him as a kind of God. The styles that he used varied to the point that entire artistic movements such as impressionism derived from one of the methods used by Delacroix.

My favourite paintings in the exhibition were Bathers, Immortality, and The Death of Sardanapalus. I choose these three, made by other artists in homage to Delacroix, because the intensity of colours and details really drew me in, but this is present in other paintings, what made these special was the arrangement of the figures and the subject matter was more interesting to me. Bathers was a beautiful scene in nature, with light pouring in from a ceiling of highly detailed trees, and nude females looking flirtatious and inviting. Immortality was a large painting of an Angel holding a vine of colourful flowers and it was just beautiful, it just is! The Death if Sardanapalus however, was a painting with a lot of things going on, concubines were being killed and the Kings possessions were being destroyed upon his instruction before his suicide, I liked how all of the aspects came together and could spend a long time looking at all the different things present.

As the event ends tomorrow there isn’t really much point to recommend visiting it but I would recommend researching into the art of Delacroix if you are interested in art!