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My journey to Morocco! Jun 2015

Hey there!

Upon reflection it seemed like a good idea to talk about my experience and review my trip to Morocco last year in June 2015. It was a complicated experience because I had never been to Africa and I had never imagined I would be going with a girl that I hardly knew and being surrounded by the Muslim culture. You could definitely say it was intimidating! We stayed in a hotel called Dela Rosa that was not far from Marrakech city. This hotel was promoted by lastminute.com with a fairly cheap offer but my warning to you is beery careful with holiday special offers because this one was a bit of a nightmare! The staff were rude, the service was bad, the rooms had major faults, the drinks were terrible, the swimming pool was small, deep and in the shade so it was always freezing.

But I think the main flaw that I took from the holiday was the attitude of people towards me, I am not a racist person but the Muslim people there were treating the tourists as animals full of cash for them to entice and play with. I saw it many times that people were tricked into buying things 10 times the price that would be given to locals and if you walked away or past any stalls in the shopping centre you get harassed. Me and my friend were tricked by a taxi driver who took us to his friends shop where we were ripped off extremely.

It isn’t as if all the experiences there were bad, we climbed orange trees and picked fresh ones, we went to the coast and to the mountains to hike to the top to the waterfalls and see the monkeys!


The place itself is beautiful especially in the mountains but it seems a shame that the stress and the attitudes of the people in the busiest places were letting it down. Overall I would probably say it’s one of the worst holidays I’ve ever had but I would say it’s worth trying as long as you can handle yourself and are experienced enough as a traveller to avoid the problems there.