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How to change your life? It’s a working progress


So, recently i’ve figured out that there’s a lot more things bouncing around my head than i anticipated. And i wonder who else at some point just realises that a lot of the things currently in their life makes them unhappy? You want to change right, at least i do. I decided that if i kept living my life where im doing the same things day in and day out then there will never be any progress in my life. I will do the same boring things and then poof all the time is gone.

I’m sure that some of you reading this will understand how hard it can be to realise this and wonder if you can forgive yourself, but you definitely should! Getting stuck is just a part of life but the first step is realising that you want change and from there all you have to do is take it! Even me writing this myself i find it hard to believe my own words because i have been going in a downward spiral for years but this is my new beginning and i hope i can help you to find yours too.


Here are a few tips of mine on how to change your life to how you want it to be…

  1. Buy a planner – sure! because since i have bought one it has become a life saver, i am putting in it all of the things i want to do, i know where and when i want to go. And i want to start new adventures so i am making sure i fill it up as much as possible. But you can fill it up with anything even if you want to relax, take a spa day, do whatever you feel. And if you want a more spontaneous adventure, just write a place, any place, and just go there without a plan. The point is, planners can be your guide!
  2. Consider changing job – unless you are happy in your current job you could think about whether you would be happier in another one! What’s that dream job of yours? I thought that i was very happy in my job but it turned out that i was drowning a bit, doing the same thing without any career prospects was wasting my time and i knew it. I had a degree that i was doing nothing with and i thought, go get it! If you are ready to take a chance the rewards could be anything!
  3. Get some new hobbies – It can be tough to find what you want to do in life but a new hobby can open up more possibilities for you. I want to try things that i have never done before but always thought of doing and i know that i feel so much better for it and even though the rest of the things may not be yet falling into place i feel like i am achieving something by trying to do new things. I know that i can look back on it and be proud of the experience i have gained. It certainly beats watching TV and spending most of my spare time on facebook or youtube (instant regret of time wasted – cringe!)
  4. See your friends – Its always good to spend time with people you care about and even if you haven’t seen them in a long time you may enjoy catching up with them or doing something as a group. You can even discover new hobbies and experiences with your friends! I know personally that i’ve always been the one waiting for my friends to make the plans for us and i wanted to change that and organise things myself! (aren’t I a bad friend… kidding) Since then i’ve had so much more fun and met many more people which is brilliant.
  5. Get healthy! –  If you do regular exercise in your life then you know the benefits it gives you to your mood, health, everything. We have to look after our bodies its the only one we get! When i was going through a lot of hard times i struggled with diet and exercise, the food was always too good and the exercise was boring and a pain. But when i decided i was ready for a change suddenly my diet cut out all the bad things (that i knew i wasn’t supposed to have) and i was so focused on everything else that i wanted to change that the weight started to come off because i had become so much more active. I still hate exercise, i make myself do it but at least being active and doing a lot of things has made me more fit and i feel the positive difference.
  6. Eat healthy too! because lets face it, we all know that cake that is meant for 8 people was no match for you! (or at least that used to be me) But seriously whatever size you are out there, be happy with yourself and eat good food that is organic and with fruit and veg. You can make some really delicious meals on a tight budget with just some vegetables (maybe some meat too) and i should be posting some examples in future here on my blog!

So thats it on tips to change your life and i hope you see improvements as i have.

I am still progressing though and it takes time!

Please comment to share how you change or want to change your life! 🙂


Live, Laugh, Love