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Captain America: Civil War Review

I went to see the new marvel movie in the IMAX cinema in Waterloo in 3D, basically the biggest screen in Europe. That alone was a super experience guaranteed!


I was blown away by the movie, I’ve always been a huge fan of marvel and the movies combine a great amount of action and comedy. At first I was skeptical of Captain America and Iron Man having to fight eachother as I like both of them (especially Iron Man as he is more funny) because I didn’t want to see them fighting when they should be allies. The story and the sequence was well paced and interesting and from the beginning I was drawn in. Of course the action sequences were amazing! Especially the fighting between Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider Man, Jarvis VS Captain America, Hawkeye, Ant Man, and Wanda. It was one of the most awaited fights I could have thought up! I won’t reveal much of the story but the ending was really something I wasn’t expecting, I’m sure some people already knew from the comics probably but for me the ending was possibly the best part of the movie and I would watch this movie again and again. I’m not sure if 3D is worth it for the movie in particular but the action seems more up close which is a bonus.

I would recommend seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier before watching this movie, I didn’t watch the prequel and there were a lot of references to it that i would have noticed otherwise.

This movie is one of the best movies out so far this year and you should definitely go and see it. Marvel never dissapoints!