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Bravissimo Review

Hey there readers!

I have been shopping at Bravissimo around a year now and I wanted to share my experience about how great they are!


Around May 2015 I met a girl through mutual friends who was working in this shop and we got talking about it. She was explaining to all of us about how to know if you are wearing the right bra size and how to put it on correctly etc. I had thought that I was a 34 DD as Debenhams and Marks and Spencer had told me but the realisation hit me that I was actually incredibly uncomfortable in those bras and experiencing pain and aching. So this was very interesting to hear from this girl and she told me that they do free fittings.

I was very happy with the idea of going to that shop and getting a free ba fitting. Unbelievable really that it took me so long to find out all of this important information! It was brilliant when I was there as the staff are all so very kind and friendly towards people. In the changing rooms whilst having my fitting so many people react the same as I did, and on every visit since. It was such an amazing feeling to find out my real bra size (32 GG) and I reckon that there are so many of us girls out there that are uncomfortable in our bras!

Why were other shops telling me different? I thought. But it’s all to do with the fact that those shops want you to buy the bras that they offer and they obviously won’t cater for someone with my bra size or similar. This isn’t a very fair system because every girl is different and there is such a variety of shapes and sizes that at least Bravissimo provides a service that will fit any! The bras are a bit more expensive than the average one but if your bra size isn’t in the other normal shops then it’s well worth the money for the comfort and bra variety you get.

Bravissimo is perfect for anyone who wants to know if they are wearing the correct bra size or not, or even just to learn a bit more about your breasts! The fitting is totally free though! I love a freebie! Worth a try in my opinion!

Live, Laugh, Love