The Brixton Gin Festival!


On the 16th July 2016 i went to the Brixton Gin Festival which is an annual event held this year at the popular bar and event location, the Brixton Jamm! This is a very popular venue for events in the Brixton area and i was excited to go there and attend as i had never been to a Gin Festival before and i’m not very familiar with different kinds of gin. So this was going to be a learning experience for me as well as taking a step into the unknown!

Before attending the event i had no idea what kind of entertainment or timetable that it would have but it was interesting to find out what was going on. First of all, you had to pay £15 entrance fee to get a ticket for the festival, i think this was very expensive and i was hoping that at least one drink would be on the house for this price. But no! Unfortunately there was no benefit from this compulsory ticket which was a let down.

Inside the pub there was only one bar and the wait to get the drinks was around 45 minutes which was very annoying and not a good start to the afternoon. There were so many people in a crowd to try to get drinks and i think for this event they should have considered having 2 bars or at least more staff as there were only 3 behind the bar and it was very slow. These are the only real negatives of the day that it was too expensive with the entrance fee and drinks being £7 or £8 each and the waiting time.

There were 50 different types of Gin at the festival i think i only managed to try about 6 of them! There’s no way i could live through trying 50. The best gin that i did try was the Botanist Gin as it had a floral flavour and it was sweet and it was definitely the most popular. Me and my friends had the Botanist a few times but then Brixton Jamm sold out and had to get more, so it was the clear winner of the day! The other gins i tried that i favoured were Hendricks, an Elderflower one (don’t remember the brand), Gordons and Bombay Sapphire. All of them were sold with tonic or lemonade which i’m not a huge fan of but it worked well with all of the gins.

Otherwise the event was very nice because the weather was good, the outdoor seating areas were very relaxed and with a good atmosphere. Most of the people there were groups of girls and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The Brixton Jamm was decorated for this event and the entertainment included a magician circulating around and a pair of sexy dancers dressed up to match the green foliage decoration. These dancers were on stilts initially followed by fire breathing and twirling fiery batons! For me this was one of the best parts of the Gin Festival.

I would go again but only if it was cheaper than this time because i thought that the entrance price was very expensive and unfairly expensive inside as well. They should have had no entrance price or at least had it under £10. It was an experience regardless.



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