Money saving tips!

Hey there!

This post is for anyone who’s looking to save a bit of money because I have some advice for you from my own personal experience. I’ve always been fairly savvy on buying deals and comparing prices as well as constantly looking for a bargain!

How you manage your outcome on food can be a huge money saver because it is said that we throw away a third of food that doesn’t get eaten and is wasted! So here are a few things that can help you…

1. Freeze food – There is an easy way to combat this because you can easily freeze food if you have too much.

2. Check the dates – check your use by dates when you’re buying your food in the shop and think about if you really need it and also will you use it by that time?

3. Save your leftovers – Any food that is left behind doesn’t need to go in the bin. You can get a tupperware box and have it the following day for lunch or even put the leftovers into a sandwich (gluten free one for me 😉  ) if you have a lot of food leftover going to waste refer back to the first tip!

4. Become a reduced food ninja! – one of my favourite parts of a shop is the reduced section, I wouldn’t advise buying meat though unless it looks good enough. This section can be filled with anything, it’s a lucky dip of bargains and your task is to win your prize  (see why I like it so much). You can save a lot of money by taking advantage of the cheaper pricing, just make sure you use that food on the same day or the day after or freeze it, otherwise it’s a waste of money. One if my favourite things to find in that section is if there are any sandwich spreads (a treat) to go with my gluten free rolls or any fruit and veg or yoghurt.  Bargain hunting is the best!

5. Email subscriptions – I tend to subscribe to shopping emails so that when I get a good deal sent to me I know where to get it, this can be a problem if you get enticed easily into buying things so I wouldn’t recommend getting those emails unless you know to only check for deals if you want something in particular.

6. Use vouchers and coupons – but only if it’s something you would normally get. Deals can be attractive but you have to make sure it’s something you need and not a whim. This ties in with email subscriptions because you can be sent coupons and getting freebies and free stuff is one of the simple joys of bargain hunting.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Happy Bargain Hunting!

Live, Laugh, Love


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